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Packing List

posted Sep 25, 2017, 10:03 PM by Simon Edgett



- sleeping bag
- pillow (if you have room)
- warm blanket
- flash light and spare batteries
- foam pad or thermarest

- mug
- fork, table knife and spoon
- plate, bowl
- mesh bag to carry the above

Personal use
- water bottle
- book
- quiet game that can be shared

- hiking boots
- night clothes
- 2 sets of clothes
۰ warm socks & underwear
۰ 2 short sleeve shirts
۰ long pants
۰ warm long sleeve shirt
۰ spare shoes or runners
- fleece sweater
- jacket & toque
- raincoat or waterproof cape
- swimsuit
- plastic bag for any wet gear

- tooth brush & paste
- soap & towel
- hair brush or comb
- prescribed medications (ensure leader is aware)
- sun hat, sun screen
- sunglasses

• Use a proper pack or equipment bag. Do not use a plastic garbage bag to
pack up your gear.
• No electronic games, music players, matches, cell phones.  
• Put your NAME on ALL your possessions
• OK to bring a jack knife or Swiss army knife IF the scout has their permit
• Scouts should bring their emergency kits
• If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t bring it to camp!

Gear Recommendation

posted Sep 5, 2017, 10:14 PM by Simon Edgett

I got a great question from a parent tonight - what camping gear would you buy for a scout?

My first pointer was to our winter packing list:

I think that Mattress, Sleeping bag, mess kit, sleeping bag, non-cotton clothes are the essentials.

But I thought I'd pause to comment on the gear that I have bought and makes the basis of my kits, swapping various pieces depending on the trip or the season.  I'll also throw in a few I have recommended in the past.

My normal kit would be a -7 Perseus sythentic bag, Klymit v5 mattress, 85L pack, Klymit pillow, mess kit, 2 pair nylon pants (BC clothing from costco), rain pants, merino long underwear, an athletic t-shirt per day, sports underwear (non cotton) per day, a merino shirt, and a second merino shirt one size up, a fleece, a light weight rain jacket, toque, athletic shorts to sleep in, crocs, hiking boots, headlamp.

For winter I'd add a winter jacket,  gloves, 2nd togue, 2nd long underwear.

Thats pretty similar for a 2 day camp or a 7 day camp....  2 day I'd probably leave the 2nd pair of pants in the car. :)

Sleeping Bags

For winter camp:
$$$ - Down bag, Pro is this is light weight for high warmth. Con is price and there are a pain if they get damp.   Don't have one but I'd check out

$$ - Synthentic winter bag - this is what I use; I have a Perseus -7 degree.  This is a big bag (15L, 19kg) but great bag for winter.
Looks like it is discontinued, if I was looking today I'd probably check out   Buying again, I'd probably consider the extra money for the down; but I've been happy with this bag.

For summer camps I prefer a lighter bag; I have a Eureka 3 degree I got from the Scout shop.   I think I paid $40 on-sale.   This is a 2#5oz bag.  Anything in that range and price point would be equiv.

If I could only buy one bag and had a big budget, I'd get the down bag.   With a moderate budget, I'd probably get a 0 degree bag and on the odd winter camp, bring a second cheap bag as an over bag.  Something like:   

For a budget buy, I'd check the sales at Canadian tire, for example is currently $80 for a -7 bag.  


$$ - I have bought several of these:  Klymit v5 lightweight   ~$65
It is about the size of a 1L water bottle and very comfy.  There is also a more insulated version for 4 season camping, but I haven't needed it.   For winter camp I actually put this inside a summer sleeping bag and lie on top with my winter bag, though I have also placed a $5 survival blanket on top of this and that has worked as well.

$ - I don't use one, but often recommend the Alaska pad.  ~$22
I believe 3vets carries one that folds for around the same price which can be easier for some to pack.  Don't forget to mention your are a Scout.   Well recommended for winter camp by many.

$ - I have a couple of Costco thermarest knock-offs; best reserved for car camping; quite comfy but very large.   Since getting the Klymits I've never used this.

I used an 80L long Ibex in green.
For scouts, 50-60L should be fine.   I have recommended this one from scout shop previously:  <$100.

If budget is no issue, you can get lighter weight from more money.   

Mess Kit

Best to get a mesh bag and a small carabiner.

I like the MSR deep dish: $7, 
I use a neoprene covered bug with cloth handle - $20 -
I use metal cutlery $8

But nothing wrong with this kit: $15


Here are a few extras from my kit:

Klymit Pillow - $20 -

Lightweight day pack - $15 -

Portable Chair - $40 -

Headlamp - $22 -

Wool underwear - $40 -

Luci Light - $24 -

Stove - $30 -

Scout Star Wars meeting.

posted May 15, 2014, 4:53 PM by Dunbar25 Scouts

Dear Citizens of the Republic,

On Monday June 3rd there is a scouts Star Wars meeting. The meeting will be from 6 pm to 9 pm (starting an hour earlier then normal time). Return of the Jedi , we will watch.  Pizza and snacks, there will be. There will be a star wars craft and a costume contest, wear one you shall There is also a prize for best costume.

Sebastian thanks you all.

Scouts – May reminders

posted May 15, 2014, 4:51 PM by Dunbar25 Scouts

Hello Scout families. 

Thanks for a great weekend at Camp Byng!  We enjoyed great weather, zip line, high ropes course, rockets, campfire sing-a-long, play on the beach and one of our patrols won the Iron Chef competition!   An epic accomplishment. 

May 19 – no meeting due to Victoria Day holiday

May 26 – regular meeting.  The third year Cubs will be joining us. 

Tues, May 27some of the scouts and leaders will be attending the cub meeting to talk about scouting and demonstrate some of our scout skills by setting up the camp stoves and making hot chocolate.  I would like some of the 2nd year scouts to attend this meeting.   

June 02 – Star Wars theme party night organized by Sebastian!  Watch for more details to come in an email.  The force is strong with this one…  


Upcoming events:

  • June 7-8 – light weight camp
  • Jun 9 – year-end BBQ
  • June 20 – deadline for early registration for the 2014-15 scout year



Early registration for Fall 2014

posted May 15, 2014, 4:49 PM by Dunbar25 Scouts

Hello Scout families. 

Preprinted registration forms are now available for those returning to our Scout Troop or moving to Venturers next fall.  Registration forms were handed out at the meeting on Monday, May 12.  I will email copies to those that were not there. 

The cost of registration is $160 if paid before June 20.  It will be $180 after that date.  It is very helpful for the leaders to have all the details of registration in place early, so we can concentrate on planning and running our program in the fall.

Please review the information printed on the forms and make any updates or corrections.  Please use black pen - we have had trouble with legibility of photocopies and scans of some forms from last fall.  And note the request for information on parent involvement -  strong parent involvement in our activities is a big reason for the success of our Group's activities.

Completed forms with a cheque for $160 payable to Scouts Canada - 25th Dunbar can be brought to future meetings or dropped of at my home @ 3895 West 30th Avenue.  Your help in the early completion of our preregistration is much appreciated.

I encourage you to continue the scouting adventure and sign up for scouts in 2014-15.  We have had a busy and varied year and I know next year’s leadership team are excited about bringing on new experiences and repeating the old favourites. 

Please contact me if you have any questions. 


Scouts - Night Hike

posted Apr 8, 2014, 2:32 PM by Dunbar25 Scouts

Hello Scout families,

Saturday, April 12 – Night Hike.  There are 10 scouts + 2 leaders who will be attending the hike this Saturday, April 12.  The scouts are Bennie, Mike, William, Ben, Devin, Logan, Henry, Cameron, Sebastian and David F.  Thanks to June and Daisy who have volunteered to help at registration.   We could use 1 or 2 more adults to join us on the hike.  Please let me know.

We will meet in front of St Anselm’s Anglican Church at 5210 University Blvd at 6:30 pm (across from across the street from the University Golf Course).  Have dinner before you arrive.  Participants should bring warm clothes, water, a cup, a snack and a flashlight. 

This is a late night event (that is what makes it fun!).  The full course will take us to about 3 am.  Doing a short-course is a good option if you don’t want to stay up so late.  If you feel your scout should finish earlier (perhaps 11 or 12), let me know and we will arrange for you to pick up at that time. 

Upcoming events:

  • April 14 – regular meeting
  • April 21 – no meeting due to Easter holiday 
  • April 28 & May 5 – regular meetings
  • May 9 to 11 – Camp Byng 
  • Date to be determined – light weight camp 

Scout camps - feedback requested

posted Mar 28, 2014, 1:19 PM by Dunbar25 Scouts

Hello Scout Families,   
The leaders are trying to figure out what opportunities to offer in the next few months of our program.  We have ideas for a couple of different camps but we have received mixed responses to previous camp proposals. 
We are prepared to offer two spring camps if there is sufficient interest from the scouts.  Camping and  being outdoors is the greatest feature of Scouting and the favourite activity for our leaders.  We have been surprised by the low numbers attending camps.  What is holding you back?  Is it scheduling, interest, comfort with being away, questions about having the right skills and equipment…? 
The leaders are prepared to leave work early on a Friday and give up our weekends if we have enough campers.  The camps are safe, well supervised and a fantastic way to learn how to cook, build friendships and have fun outdoors!  Parents are welcome to attend if you want to join the fun or think this will help your scout feel comfortable.  
We are considering whether to attend the all-sections camp at Byng on the May 9-11 weekend.  This may include the high ropes course, shared activities with the cubs and others just for scouts.  
We also want to organize a 1 to 2 night, light-weight camp where the scouts must carry their own gear by backpack or in a canoe.  This will occur in late May or early June. 
What do you think?  Would your scout be interested in attending one or both of these events?  Please let me know.  And contact me if you wish to discuss. 

Scouts - March & April events

posted Mar 28, 2014, 1:18 PM by Dunbar25 Scouts

Hello Scout families. 

Hope everyone had a great spring break.  The leaders are ready to resume our meetings and get into some excellent spring events. 

March 31 – regular meeting.  Floor hockey, knots, lashing poles together to build a shelter and show of awesome crest collections by two of our scouts. 

Saturday, April 5 – Tree Planting.  10 am in North Van.   Each youth will plant 10 to 15 tree seedlings. The day is an excellent opportunity for youth to get outdoors and participate in an environmental project that is done by scouts across Canada.  The North Shore scouts supply hot dogs, drinks, trees & badges.  We provide the person power and bring our own shovels.  Scouts and parents are welcome.  We need to let the organizer know, by April 2, how many people are attending, so please let me know ASAP whether or not you will be attending.

April 07 – full uniform meeting.   

Saturday, April 12 – Night Hike.  Another annual highlight of the scouting year!  This is a hike through Pacific Spirit Park that begins at 7 pm and goes until 3 or 4 am!  The scouts walk about 12 km of trails and along the way they complete such challenges as knots, first aid, teamwork, skit performances, a dance contest, air band rock show, eat hot dogs and drink lots of hot chocolate.  We have taken patrols on this hike over the past few years and it is great fun!  Many scouts are interested in this event.  Will your scout attend?  

We also need parent helpers.   1-2 people are required from 5-9 pm to assist with registration and another 1-2 people from 6-9 am to pack up and stow gear.  Can you assist?  

April 14 – regular meeting.   

 April 21 – no meeting due to Easter holiday. 


Upcoming events:

·         April 28 & May 5 – regular meetings

·         May 9 to 11 – Camp Byng?  

·         Date to be determined – light weight camp?   


Yours in Scouting.

Scouts - March events

posted Mar 3, 2014, 8:30 AM by Dunbar25 Scouts

Wow!  The manure sale was a HUGE success.  Thanks to all the families that pitched in.  We could not have done it without you.  More details later as we sort through the final results. 

March 03 – full uniform meeting.   Bring your completed blast car and prepare to race! 

Tuesday, Mar 4 – those that have purchased tickets will be going to see Chris Hadfield.  Show time is 7:30pm at the Orpheum Theatre.  We will meet at the church at 6:30 to carpool.  You must be punctual as we will leave by 6:40 with or without you!  If you miss your ride, you could make your own way down and meet me at the door.  We will not wear our scout shirts but please wear your scarf. 

March 10 – regular meeting

March 17 & 24 – no meeting due to Spring Break

Upcoming events:

March 31 – back to regular meetings
April 07 – full uniform meeting
April 12 – Night Hike
April 14 – regular meeting

Scouts - blast cars, manure sale and more

posted Feb 28, 2014, 1:53 PM by Dunbar25 Scouts

Hello Scout families.

Thanks very much to the families that participated and helped with the Feb 16 church service and the Feb 17 banquet.  Both events had the best attendance we’d seen in a few years!  Thanks again to Wendy Chee for her great organizing and those that helped out in the kitchen! 

Feb 24 – finish blast cars.  If you took a kit home to work on your design, you must bring it to this meeting.  If you have an electric sander or manual sanding supplies please bring on this date.    We will be painting the cars.  I suggest scouts wear their grubby clothes so there is no risk of getting paint on your favourite shirt! 

Feb 28 & Mar 1 - Manure Sale.   Flyer deliveries or phoning should be completed NOW.   It is very important that you return the phone lists to me on Monday evening so they can be entered in our database. 

Every scout and 1 parent is expected to put in at least 4 hours on the Friday eve or Saturday.  Work shifts are Friday, Feb 28 from 6 pm to 9 pm and Saturday, March 1, 8am to 4pm.   All scouts plus one parent are asked to volunteer at least four hours for this short and successful fundraiser.  Please bring a shovel.  We will be working at St Helens Anglican church at 4405 West 8th Avenue (Trimble & 8th).  Friday night will be primarily shovelling and starting to make deliveries.  We will finish deliveries on Saturday and clean up that afternoon.   There will be lots of refreshments and good company to keep you energized. 
Please contact James Fraser and advise what day and time you are able to participate.  We do not wear our uniforms for this activity.   I suggest boots and work clothes! 

Upcoming events:

March 03 – full uniform meeting and blast car racing!
Tuesday, Mar 4 – Chris Hadfield

March 10 – regular meeting
March 17 & 24 – no meeting due to Spring Break

March 31 – back to regular meetings

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