Kub Kars!

Post date: Feb 05, 2013 4:42:22 AM

Kub Kar season is upon us!So what are Kub Kars? They are small wooden cars that run on an inclined track. Cubs craft their own car out of the given kit which consists of a wood block, wheels and axels. After the Cubs are done their cars, we race them and/or judge them for their creativity. There are two categories: Speed trials and Creativity however a car may qualify for both if it fits the specifications for racing.

January 29th, We begin tonight with handing out of Kub Kar Kits and Scouter Tim's presentation about Kub Kars and what the Cubs can do with them. Cubs who have made Kub Kars in previous years may bring them tonight to show them off and inspire the design of the other Cubs. (A new car will need to be made this year in order to compete).

February 5th, It's woodworking with the Kub Kars; we will need parents to bring in sanders and other woodworking tools to help the Kub prepare their cars.

February 12th our meeting is cancelled due to a church function.

February 19th we have our Kub Kar track out and the races begin.

See our web site at: http://www.dunbar25scouts.org/cubs/kub-kars for more information and links to web pages for Kub Kar design ideas.