Pacific Coast Council Kub Kar Rally

Post date: Mar 27, 2013 11:49:58 PM

Sunday, April 21st 2013

Capilano Mall

North Vancouver

All Cubs registered in the Pacific Coast Council who won their local area race events come and compete with the winners of the other areas for trophies in speed and design. Bring your families and friends to cheer you on!

Winners from each area are invited to come and compete in the PCC Regional challenge. Normally we look for the top 6 Kars in Speed and the top 6 Kars in Design from each area, if your group did not participate in an area race but you have some youth with Kars who want to race you may send individual Kars too; please make sure they are in racing form.

Any Scouts who have built Scout Trucks or Beavers with Beaver Buggies if you want to come and demonstrate your vehicles please register and bring them.

Please register your participants by purchasing a ticket. They are free. Please ensure you register in the correct category.

Participants register here:

Non-racing family and friends do not need to register. Enter through the east side entrance.

Registration at 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Racing from 1:30pm to about 2:30pm

Trophies about 3pm

For Kars racing please make sure the Kars are ready to race. Kars should be weighted but kept less than or equal to 142g (not 5oz, all weights in grams), no longer than 7 inches, have a flat or convex front and use the kit supplied axle nails and wheels. If you are building right to the 142g weight be prepared to shave off some weight if the scales on race day show heavier than the ones you used, all Kars will be weighted on the same scales at registration and only grams will be used.

Note: Polishing the nails, demurring the wheels and nice paint is OK but no washers, bearings or other modifications to the wheel & axle or bearing surface are allowed. The only aid to friction allowed is a little oil, graphite, or other powdered lubricant on the axle applied before the first race. The wheels must spin on the axle, the axle must remain fixed in the wooden body. The distance between the wheels is important, do not narrow or widen you Kar or it won't fit on the track. If you messed up the block of wood that came with your kit you may substitute another – be careful of the dimensions, if you damage the wheels or axles replacements can be purchased at Scout House, you must use the regulation wheels and axles.

For Kars in the design category there is no weight, size or shape limits except the spirit of the basic kit must be used, the block of wood wheels and axles should appear in the 'Kar' either as themselves or artistically incorporated. The Kars should be substantially designed and built by the youth, parents can/should help with sharp tools but the youth should do as much of the design, build, and finishing work as they are capable – this is a large part of what the judges are looking for.

There will only be limited tools available for last minute repairs and supplies of lubricant and extra weights will be available only if some of the leaders bring extra. Please don’t count on it your cars should be in racing trim when they arrive. Once a Kar is registered no further adjustments or lubrication will be allowed.

If one of your Cubs has a Kar but can't come they can have a friend race it for them but for the design category we need to interview the youth so they need to be there. The design will be judged during the racing so if they are a little late or can come but need to leave early let us know when you register.

For tuning hints look here:

Trophies will be awarded:

In Speed for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

In Design for Viewers Choice, Classic Design and Judges Choice.

There will be participation certificates for everyone.

We will need leaders to assist with the racing so please when you arrive with your pack let us know and we will give you instructions.

Good Luck. Any questions please contact me at (604) 760-4964 or at ''

YIS, Lawrence Harris