First Camp

Post date: Sep 18, 2013 7:51:37 PM

Hi scout families.

As mentioned in earlier emails, our first camp is Sept 27-29 at Hicks Lake in Sasquatch Provincial Park, just east of Harrison Lake. Activities will include campfire, cooking, knife safety, stove lighting, hiking and perhaps even a swim! Cost is $30 each. Cheques to 25th Dunbar Scouts are due at Monday's meeting.

Here is some helpful information to get you ready for camp:

  • We would like to meet at the church at 2:30 on the Friday so we can leave by 3:30. We will have some campers leaving around 6pm on the Friday so let us know what departure time works for you. We will return to the church around 3 pm on Sunday.

  • Campers need to pack a supper as we will not be stopping on route. We will eat when we arrive at camp.

  • I have attached a kit list to help you pack. Discuss and pack with your scout to ensure they will be warm and dry.

  • If your scout has completed their knife safety training and have their permit, they may bring a pocket knife.

  • Scouts & Leaders must wear their uniforms for the trip to camp. It is tradition that Scouts are in uniform while traveling.

  • Parents are welcome to attend for the same fee. Let me know if you can help with driving or providing firewood.

  • I need a completed physical fitness form for every adult attending. It is not as tough as it sounds! It is to ensure we have medical info on all participants. You already filled out one for your Scout when he joined at the start of the year. I will bring blank forms to this week's meeting and to camp for you to fill out.

  • No cell phones at camp. Leaders will have these for emergencies only.

  • Snacks are fine for the road but not at the camp. It tends to create a mess or attract little critters into the sleeping areas!

Grocery shopping for the trip takes place on Sept 25 or 26. I encourage scouts to come and help, learn and influence what they will be eating on the weekend! More information on that next week.

Please confirm attendance as soon as possible so the leaders can plan transportation and food.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please contact me. Looking forward to a great camp!