Scouts - January plans

Post date: Jan 06, 2014 4:53:45 AM

Happy New Year, Scout families.

Much of our activity during the upcoming meetings will be to prepare us for the Winter Camp on Feb 1 to 3. Even if not attending this camp, the meetings will provide lots of fun and learning for everyone. I would strongly encourage scouts to try to attend this camp. It is a great adventure and one of the highlights of the year. The camps we did in the Fall have built up our skills to get us ready and the leaders have good experience in this area. It does require a certain level of maturity, experience, appropriate clothing and the right equipment. If you wonder if your scout has the right stuff to meet this challenge, please speak to one of the leaders. We will ensure everyone has a safe and fun camp.

Jan 6 meeting. First meeting of the new year. Full uniform. Time to check in with scouting friends, lots of game time plus discussions regarding winter safety.

Upcoming events:

Jan 13, 20 – regular meetings

Jan 24-26 – Winter camp at Manning Park

Jan 27 – regular meeting