Kub Kars


2024 rally dates will be posted once confirmed.


These are the rules for the Dunbar 25th Kub Kar rally. Expect that the rallies for Area and Council will be slightly more restrictive:

Dry lubricants such as graphite are to be used only. Oil and other "wet" lubricants will gum up our track.


For Kars in the design category there are no weight, size or shape limits except the spirit of the basic kit must be used, the block of wood wheels and axles should appear in the 'Kar' either as themselves or artistically incorporated. The Kars should be substantially designed and built by the youth, parents can/should help with sharp tools but the youth should do as much of the design, build, and finishing work as they are capable – this is a large part of what the judges are looking for particularly at Area and Council rallies.

For Kars racing please make sure the Kars are ready to race. Kars should be weighted but kept less than or equal to 142g (not 5oz), no longer than 7 inches, have a flat or convex front and use the kit supplied axle nails and wheels. If you are building right to the 142g weight be prepared to shave off some weight if the scales on race day show heavier than the ones you used, all Kars will be weighted on the same scales at registration and only grams will be used.

Note: Polishing the nails, deburring the wheels and nice paint is OK but no washers, bearings or other modifications to the wheel & axle or bearing surface are allowed. The only aid to friction allowed is a graphite, or other powdered lubricant on the axle applied before the first race. The wheels must spin on the axle, the axle must remain fixed in the wooden body. The distance between the wheels is important, do not narrow or widen you Kar or it won't fit on the track. If you messed up the block of wood that came with your kit you may substitute another – be careful of the dimensions, if you damage the wheels or axles replacements can be purchased at Scout House, you must use the regulation wheels and axles. See the Kub Kar instructions in the kit for proper dimensions.


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