Gear Recommendation

Post date: Sep 06, 2017 5:14:40 AM

I got a great question from a parent tonight - what camping gear would you buy for a scout?

My first pointer was to our winter packing list:

I think that Mattress, Sleeping bag, mess kit, sleeping bag, non-cotton clothes are the essentials.

But I thought I'd pause to comment on the gear that I have bought and makes the basis of my kits, swapping various pieces depending on the trip or the season. I'll also throw in a few I have recommended in the past.

My normal kit would be a -7 Perseus sythentic bag, Klymit v5 mattress, 85L pack, Klymit pillow, mess kit, 2 pair nylon pants (BC clothing from costco), rain pants, merino long underwear, an athletic t-shirt per day, sports underwear (non cotton) per day, a merino shirt, and a second merino shirt one size up, a fleece, a light weight rain jacket, toque, athletic shorts to sleep in, crocs, hiking boots, headlamp.

For winter I'd add a winter jacket, gloves, 2nd togue, 2nd long underwear.

Thats pretty similar for a 2 day camp or a 7 day camp.... 2 day I'd probably leave the 2nd pair of pants in the car. :)

Sleeping Bags

For winter camp:

$$$ - Down bag, Pro is this is light weight for high warmth. Con is price and there are a pain if they get damp. Don't have one but I'd check out

$$ - Synthentic winter bag - this is what I use; I have a Perseus -7 degree. This is a big bag (15L, 19kg) but great bag for winter.

Looks like it is discontinued, if I was looking today I'd probably check out Buying again, I'd probably consider the extra money for the down; but I've been happy with this bag.

For summer camps I prefer a lighter bag; I have a Eureka 3 degree I got from the Scout shop. I think I paid $40 on-sale. This is a 2#5oz bag. Anything in that range and price point would be equiv.

If I could only buy one bag and had a big budget, I'd get the down bag. With a moderate budget, I'd probably get a 0 degree bag and on the odd winter camp, bring a second cheap bag as an over bag. Something like:

For a budget buy, I'd check the sales at Canadian tire, for example is currently $80 for a -7 bag.


$$ - I have bought several of these: Klymit v5 lightweight ~$65

It is about the size of a 1L water bottle and very comfy. There is also a more insulated version for 4 season camping, but I haven't needed it. For winter camp I actually put this inside a summer sleeping bag and lie on top with my winter bag, though I have also placed a $5 survival blanket on top of this and that has worked as well.

$ - I don't use one, but often recommend the Alaska pad. ~$22

I believe 3vets carries one that folds for around the same price which can be easier for some to pack. Don't forget to mention your are a Scout. Well recommended for winter camp by many.

$ - I have a couple of Costco thermarest knock-offs; best reserved for car camping; quite comfy but very large. Since getting the Klymits I've never used this.


I used an 80L long Ibex in green.

For scouts, 50-60L should be fine. I have recommended this one from scout shop previously: <$100.

If budget is no issue, you can get lighter weight from more money.

Mess Kit

Best to get a mesh bag and a small carabiner.

I like the MSR deep dish: $7,

I use a neoprene covered bug with cloth handle - $20 -

I use metal cutlery $8

But nothing wrong with this kit: $15


Here are a few extras from my kit:

Klymit Pillow - $20 -

Lightweight day pack - $15 -

Portable Chair - $40 -

Headlamp - $22 -

Wool underwear - $40 -

Luci Light - $24 -

Stove - $30 -